Fitting Wood Flooring - (Uniclic System)


Helpful Tips on Fitting Wooden Flooring. ( Based on Using Quickstep Uniclic )

We have been selling and distributing Solid Hardwood Engineered & High Quality Quickstep Laminate Flooring for 15 Years.

Here are a Few Tips when Fitting Laminate or Engineered Flooring. ( Based on the the Quickstep Flooring System ).

  1.  Measure the Width of the Room before fitting so that you don’t get stuck with a small cut off When you get to the Wall.
  2. Where possible Run the boards along the longest run in the room.
  3. Use the Offcut when you get to the Wall to start the next row. ( Only up to 3 Rows or you will see a pattern Forming ).
  4. Use a Fitting bar that allows you to get the hammer behind the Board next to the Wall. ( Always worth buying a Fixing Kit ).
  5. Use Wedges against the Skirting Board or the Wall to allow the correct expansion gap size. ( Roughly 10mm ).
  6. Always check your Floor Levels before proceeding to Fit a Wooden Floor. ( If the Sub Floor isn’t Level don’t fit Until it has been sorted out.
  7. Check that the Concrete Floor that your new wooden floor is being Fitted on is Dry.
  8. Clear away any Building materials, Grit or Dust Prior to Fitting
  9. Cut through your Architraves rather than trying to cut around them. ( Undercut handsaws are available ).
  10. Always leave your flooring for a minimum of 1 Week prior to Fitting to get use to the climate in your property.
  11. Always adhere to the Manufacturers recommended Fitting & Maintenance Instructions.

We hope that this Quick guide has helped you. These are helpful tips that we have picked up through years of experience.