How to Fit a Feather Edge Timber Fence



A number of customers enter our store looking to purchase Wooden Fencing for the Garden. Quite often they are looking for a fence that will withstand Children, Footballs, Dogs and all other forms of heavy household wear and tear.

There are 2 Options available one of those is Ready made Wooden Fence Panels. The other is Manufactured or Featheredge Fencing.

Wooden panels are limited in their strength capabilities and will only withstand a certain amount of abuse whereas Featheredge Fencing will withstand even the most demanding of wooden fencing applications.

I have included a guide on how to erect featheredge if you want to go down this Avenue.

  1. First the posts are concreted into the ground, then the gravel boards are fixed to the outside of the posts. Try and get the gravel boards as level as possible and if your garden slopes you may need to “step” the gravel board.
  2. Once the posts are secure, the rails need to positioned. The rails can be flush with the front of the posts, which will allow the feather edged timbers to sit on the gravel board and be fixed easily for the length of the fence. Some people like to set the gravel board & rails back so the feather edged timbers sit a little inside the posts. The choice is yours.
  3. The rails can be screwed into the posts through the sides and supporting brackets can be used to give extra strength. 3 inch number 8 screws are usually needed for this, all timber should be treated.
  4. The first feather edge board can then be fixed on the outside of your fence. Use a spirit level to make sure this is absolutely upright.
  5. Each subsequent board can then be fixed to the one below it as shown above and to get the spacing right a small block can be used to ensure an even overlap. The overlap should be at least 15mm. Nails should be 50mm lost head nails or 50mm Ring Shank Nails.